8 Best alternatives to sites like batman stream


Be it watching movie or playing a game, internet users have found a way out by using the online streaming websites. Nowadays the number of these online streaming websites increases day by day to curtail the raising demands of the users.

Additionally, for the users who are crazy about sports, several online streaming channels are created just for sports. Batman stream is one such leading website enabling users to watch live sports matches. The categories of sports that are available in this streaming website are football, baseball, rugby, tennis, racing, baseball, basketball, volleyball, NFL etc.

batman stream alternatives

The user interface available in the batman stream is very simple and can be accessed easily by the users. The user can just click on the type of sport they need to watch and look for live streaming availability. Further, the user can see the list of teams playing the match along with timings for the start of the match.

Additionally, the user gets to know the information about the live streaming available areas. Live streaming may just be confined to a country or may be available worldwide too. Furthermore, a search bar is present for the users to directly search the live matches. Also, this stream displays the score lively for the user to follow the match.

Similar to the thisstreaming site, there are many other live streaming websites available in the sports category. We shall discuss details about those alternate sites now.


VIPLeague is one of the alternative sites to batman stream. They also provide good streaming of TV channels along with sports streaming. Further from hockey to motorsports, golf to tennis, boxing to football,

this website provides live streaming options. The website plays ads while live streaming but that is how most of the online live streaming website behaves. Finally, the best feature about VIPLeague is that it has its own streaming system and does not host from any of the other channels.


SportStream is one among the batman stream alternatives. Unlike batman stream, this website provides no restriction based on usage geographically.

Streamed sports are available worldwide. Moreover, along with watching live streaming with updates on the live scores, the user can also enjoy live betting as well. Presently, this website supports betting of Bwin, Expekt, and Interwetten.


Stream2Watch is a free sports streaming site in a way that it offers live streaming of various sports like football, snooker, premier league, hockey etc. More than this, the user finds the live feeds of the sport which they wish to watch. Presently the user will find channels

embedded through MMS or URL. Further, the streaming offered by this website is free for the users and can also be embedded to the user’s blog or websites. Finally, watching live streaming through this website is completely legal.


Sport365 is one of the alternatives found in the internet to watch favorite sports by streaming them online. The popular genres available with them include Hockey, Baseball, MotoGP and so on. The website provides a good user interface with chat options available in them. This further helps users communicate with each other through these chats and post their comments online for other users to see and comment back if needed. Additionally, this batman stream alternate requires the user to login and provide personal details before watching the sports online in them.


WizWig is one of the free online sport streaming website which offers similar functionalities like batmanstream. The main functionality of this website is that, they do not require any sign-ups to watch their contents. The streaming is completely free and comes TV channels and even radio stations streaming along with the regular sports streaming options under them. Moreover, Wizwig also comes as a mobile app to enjoy live streaming on the go.


Atdhe website is provided with high quality live streaming of sports like poker, soccer, baseball, tennis, volleyball, ESPN channel etc similar to other online sport streaming sites. Basically, Atdhe is the collection of many third party links for live streaming. Further, it allows users to host the links on their own websites or blogs.


LiveTV is the website that offers online sports live streaming. Users can see matches that occur throughout the world without any restriction. Using LiveTV is completely free.

The user just needs to register them by creating a free account. No subscriptions or no payment needed to watch their contents. Moreover, LiveTV hosts the channel of other third party streamers.

It’s just that these channels are embedded by another host and provided to the user. The video streaming is by default with high quality but the users can even find options to change the quality based on their internet connection. Finally, they provide options to get score updates live through the sports widget.


12thplayer is the best site alternative to batman stream. Most popular games like Barclays Premier League are part of live streaming offered by this site.

Along with the live streaming; the users can also watch the highlights of the match through this website. By registering themselves, the user can enjoy seamless high-quality contents online. The most annoying feature is the pop-up ads that come in between these live streaming. The user needs to close them every time they appear to continue watching the sports.

As discussed above, internet users are provided with a number of alternatives to watch sports online through live streaming. This is a sure treat for sports fans.


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