Method To Activate NATGEOTV Com On All Devices [Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, Smart TV]


The is one of the best and most popular websites with regards to wildlife documentaries. For any wildlife documentary fan, it is essential to know the process of how to activate for watching or streaming the Natgeotv channel. After activating the website (, you can watch or stream the documentary on a Roku TV, Xbox, Smart TV, Apple TV or a media player. Nothing should prevent any wildlife documentary fans from watching their favorite channels.

activate natgeotv com site

You can find below the required information on activating the national geographic channels on your media player. The below article can be referred to activate the Natgeotv on any of your media players such as Roku, Smart TV, Xbox, or Apple TV. Within the process, it is essential to get the required link to activate the activation code. When compared to numerous media player platform, the Roku is one of the most popular and best ones to showcase with numerous channels.

It is most important for anyone to follow the simple procedure for activating the geographic channels or wildlife documentary on other media players. You can activate the geographic channels to watch & also follow your preferred episodes from anywhere at any time. Notably, it is not required to process any payments and the entire process is free of cost. After activating the Natgeotv TV on your preferred media platform, you can watch your favorite content without any charges.

Most popular shows on Nat Geo Wild

Find below the list of most popular shows that can be streamed or watched through Nat Geo Wild channel:

  • Total Riff-Off.
  • Snake City.
  • Great White Christmas.
  • Predator Fail.
  • World’s Deadliest.
  • Big Cat Week.

Famous shows on Official Nat Geo Channel

Find below the list of famous shows that can be streamed or watched on your official Nat Geo channel:

  • Sleepless in America.
  • Live Die or Free.
  • Ultimate Survival: Alaska.
  • Eric Greenspan is Hungry.
  • The Story of food: Eat.
  • Life below Zero.

Activating Nat Geo TV

It is most important to know the information on how to activate the Nat Geo TV on any one of your media devices. You can follow the easy and straightforward process to activate Natgeotv TV. It is not to be an expert for following the outlined process. You can find below the list of different methods to follow for activating the Natgeotv on your new device.

You can realize the most important steps to master within a few steps for activation. It is also very important to refer to the provided guidelines during the installation or activation process. When compared with other processes or articles, it is much easier on website. You can easily activate the Natgeotv Com on your Apple TV, Xbox, Roku, and Smart TV.

Activating on your Apple TV

Follow the below procedure to on your Apple TV device:

  • Download the NatgeoTV App on your Apple TV device.
  • Press the gear icon under the NatgeoTV app settings.
  • Press the Active Device icon.
  • On the existing Apple TV screen, note down the activation code.
  • Also, on your mobile phone access a web browser and navigate to activate. It will redirect to a new page.
  • Input the activation code and press the Submit button.
  • Now, the Natgeotv will automatically link the media player directly to your Natgeo (National Geographic) account.
  • Upon successful update, press the Done icon to complete the process.

Activating on your Roku Device

Follow the below procedure to activate on your Roku device:

  • Access the official website to activate the National Geographical Channel on your Roku media player.
  • Connect the Roku device to your TV and press the Activate icon on the device.
  • Select the NatgeoTV option.
  • Access the official Natgeo website by opening a web browser on your mobile phone to activate.
  • Log in using your Natgeotv (National Geographic TV) account and choose your preferred TV service provider.
  • Input the Roku activation code.
  • Within the web browser on your mobile phone, access the Natgeo authentication page for activation.
  • Again it will redirect to a different page to input the Roku activation code and press the Submit icon on your TV.
  • Your National Geographic account will be linked with your NatgeoTV media player.
  • After completing the process, you can press the Done button.

Now, your Nat Geo TV is successfully activated on your Roku media player and starts to enjoy watching your episodes without any hassle.

Alternate Process

  • Choose the NatGeoTV app on your Roku main screen.
  • Select to launch your preferred TV channels like Natgeo TV shows, Natgeo Africa, or Natgeo Asia.
  • From the drop-down, choose the Full episodes.
  • Select your favorite TV shows by specifying the appropriate TV service provider.
  • Login to your Roku account and press the Continue icon to start watching the full episodes.

You can follow the same procedure to activate the Natgeo TV shows or Natgeo full episodes on any of your Roku devices. It is also possible to stream any live episodes even if you do not own a device. With the utilization of technological advancement, it is possible to stream its video content through the online platform. For the better router experience, go ahead with

Moreover, it is also used to stream the famous and most popular National Geographic channel through the online platform. This will not impact any changes with regards to the video quality. Most of the geographic channels are also available in HD (High Definition) quality as well. You can use a stable and good internet connection to access the National Geographic channel.

NatGeoTV Service Providers

You can find below a list of NatgeoTV service providers that can be used by the Roku users:

Philo TV – Within the Roku device, you can utilize it by using the Philo TV service provider. It has an updated media player and allows watching the rooted NatGeoTV channel without any issues.

Sling TV – This is one of the most in-expensive TV service providers to watch the NatGeoTV. You need to have a router to activate the TV channel on your Roku device. The users can subscribe for the lowest price ($25) when compared to other alternative NatGeoTV service providers.

DirecTV Now – This app includes a free of cost 7-day trial period to understand its functionalities. It offers the subscription package on monthly and weekly payment options starting from $35 and up to $75.

Activating on your Xbox Device

Follow the below procedure to on your Xbox device:

  • In case, if you utilize Xbox 360 or Xbox One media device then you can access the National Geographic official website to activate the Natgeotv Digital account.
  • After activating your NatgeoTV account, you can access the activation page to input the activation code.
  • Press the Submit icon to authenticate the activation code.
  • Upon successful, you can access the NatgeoTV on your Xbox devices.

Activating on your Smart TV Device

Please find below the steps to activate the NatgeoTV channel on your Smart TV device:

  • Access a web browser on your Smart TV device.
  • Within the web browser, visit the National Geographic website.
  • Now, input the activation code (which you had received while registering for a NatGeoTV account).
  • Once authenticating or activating the code, the users are allowed to start watching the National Geographic TV channel successfully.
  • The above-process will allow the user to activate the NatGeoTV on your Smart TV device.

If the users do not have any one of the above-mentioned devices handy then they can watch the same live on their laptop or PC. Furthermore, the users can access the Nat Geo channel official website to direct stream or watch high-quality video contents of their favorite programs and TV shows.


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