Best Picasa alternative to know


Picasa software is gaining more popular among the users to work on it. But still, many of them using other software are which is alternate of Picasa software.  To the users who wants that to download and install the other software’s can follow the below page for further reference.

1. Photoscape

Photoscape is the software which is very fun to use and experience the quality, while we are trying to enhancing; editing or creating is somewhat very amazing. It boasts a vast collection of functions and features which

include the permanent fixing and editing, making collages, making the Gifs using the multiple photos, capturing the image, batch editing, Dividing the pictures.  It does not suggest the same cloud storage space where the Picasa does, but definitely this software is one of the mainly flexible photos editor applications.

2. FastStone Image Viewer

This FastStone Image Viewer software is just beyond the photo screening form. You can also use to access your photos very quickly; anybody can add the tags, you can move the photos to preferred folders, or

you can even add name folders to the favorites. The software allows you to make necessary edits like adjusting the light and brightness, cropping, changing the colors and adding special effects, etc. Despite the fact that if you are not happy with its functioning capabilities. Then FastStone itself provide you the options to use an exterior editing program.

3. Flickr and Amazon Prime Photos

Flickr is one of the best photo management and sharing applications in the world, and it is simple to use. First of all this software needs to sign up for the yahoo account, after signing into the account this software will allow you to upload the files. This Flickr opens up to storage up to 1TB of free space to upload. This application is quite ok to use when compare to others.

Amazon Prime Photos is also a service identical to Picasa and Flickr regarding storage. Like the Flickr, this Amazon software needs an Amazon account to upload the enormous number of images and videos in the free space of 5GB which is quite small when compare to the Flickr. Overall it is decent software.

4. Windows Photo Gallery

The Windows Photo Gallery application is driving you to feel like a home. It is one of the best and simple to use the layouts which is very similar to any other apps. This app does not provide any storage space unlike Picasa, but it will work the best that you can manage your images on your PC.

Thus the photo editing features are quite decent, and it easily allows you to upload the photos on Facebook, YouTube, OneDrive, YouTube, and Flickr. Apart from the beginning level of editing, you can also make collages;

you can give captions to your photo, picture fuses, slideshows, and panoramas. The main feature is to tag with geotagging which takes the view to Metafile as well.

Expectantly, you must have found the reliable software which is the other use of Picasa to edit the photos and videos from the above information. The Photoscape, FastStone image viewers, Flickr & Amazon Prime Photos and Windows Photo Gallery for your cropping and editing needs are the best as a photo editing application.

Now you can use those all software as your wish for the picture editing and various other functions. But still, Picasa stands tall among the above alternate photo editing software for the users. Hope you all satisfied with the above alternative software’s to use instead of the Picasa software.


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