Best ways to Find someone’s IP from Discord- Complete Guide


After reading this whole post, you will get someone’s IP from Discord, so before going on the Best ways to find someone’s IP from Discord, you have to know about somethings, and you would have some queries about this, so let’s start!

Best ways to find someone's IP from Discord

What is Discord

Discord is a great application that is designed for gamers. It is an American application that is created by Janson Citron. It gives you a fantastic and incredible platform for gamers to talk with each other while playing games; it allows them to chat with each other in voice, video, text messages, etc. This Application is like Team Speak, Skype. It is a free platform and very useful for video game players and providing them an open platform to find each other and talk while playing and coordinate with each other in the game.

Is it possible to find someone’s IP from Discord?

If you are transmitting data directly to that person, then it is not possible to find, you cannot know the IP address of that specific person, and for your kind information, it is illegal to hack someone’s IP, and it is advised for you don’t do it.

Best Ways to Find Someone’s IP from Discord

There are a couple of some causes that why you should get someone’s IP address. Maybe, you want to develop or create a protected association between two devices and permit someone access to your business system. Possibly you wish to boycott an IP address or block device while staying stranger. Except for this, it seems like you want to trace someone online to find out someone’s location.

Below are some Best ways to find someone’s IP from Discord

  • This is the first best step to finding someone’s IP; you can easily get someone’s IP using Discord externally. What will you do? You have to send a link to that particular person on his account; when that specific individual gets that link and clicks on it, you can easily get that individual IP address.
  • Another way to find someone’s IP on Discord is, what will you do? First, you have to copy a link of that specific person and paste that link in the URL section on grabify and then generate a URL ,and then send it then you have to click on tracking, and when the other side of person clicks on it, you will get his IP. That’s all.
  • This is the other best way to finding someone’s IP on Discord is what you will have to do? First of all, you have to send a link to the person you want to find IP on Discord to an IP logger site. When the individual clicks on the link you send, it will log the person’s device’s IP address and then send back to you. So, by doing this, you can easily find someone’s IP from Discord. Several sites provide free IP logging services and must have the domain knowledge about what you will do before utilizing those services.
  • Using a third-party program, you can also find someone’s IP, and you can take that person IP offline; for this thing, you must use a VPN with Discord.

If you will read and use these above guidelines, then it is made sure that you can easily find someone’s IP from Discord.


This post is all about the Better ways to find out someone’s IP from Discord; after reading this post, you should know how to find someone’s IP from Discord. If you have some queries left about this, you can ask through comment, and we are glad to solve your questions.


Q: How can you find someone’s IP form Discord?

Ans: Need to read the above guidelines, then it is making sure that you can easily find someone’s IP from Discord.


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