Bootcamp Assistant installation failed an error occurred while copying Windows


Bootcamp assistant: a word that officially brings Windows on a Mac computer system. Bootcamp is a most natural way to allow the dual boot to your computer system seamlessly. The only thing that you have to do here is to specify the amount that your Windows will require on disk that’s it. Mac operating system has its features that vary a lot especially from the Windows operating system.

But when we install Bootcamp on our Mac Operating system, it starts behaving just like an ordinary Windows do. Rather than switching from Mac operating system to Windows, most of the users prefer to use Bootcamp their devices so that they can enjoy the Windows features on Mac OS as well.

What is Bootcamp Assistant installation failed error and how to rectify it?

While installing Bootcamp assistant on Mac OS, one of the most common error that the users’ face is Boot Camp Installation failed error. In response to this error, Apple usually suggests to move to Mac OS Mojave, but this process also doesn’ work often. It takes a lot of time to identify the issues arises. So it gets beneficial to use some alternative solutions to install Windows on a Mac.

If you are using to install Bootcamp on your Mac OS and are failing in the same, we have come up here with the best solution for you.

How to install Windows on Mac OS without Bootcamp?

The method includes a terminal application that helps in creating the bootable media for your Windows operating system. The process is quite simple and uses Terminal to go forward.

  • Launch Terminal from your Mac OS.

  • Now type command “diskutil list” in the provided column and hit Enter to confirm it.

  • Scroll down the list and find out the name of the USB drive there. Rename this drive as disk2.

  • Once done now format your USB drive for Windows using command “diskutil eraseDisk ExFat “Windows10” MBR disk2” and then hit Enter to go continue with the process.

  • A mounted disk will appear on your home screen. Make double click in the Finder option to install the downloaded files on your Windows. These files are usually named as CCCOMA_X64FRE_EN-US_DV9.

  • Once done run the command: cp -rp /Volumes/CCCOMA_X64FRE_EN-US_DV9/* /Volumes/WINDOWS10/ in the search bar.

  • It will take some time to drive the bootable media on windows ten installation.

  • Now part your make partition of Mac disk for Windows 10.

  • Press Alt key and restart your Mac to boot your computer system from USB.

  • Run the following command:

  • WindowsSupport/BootCamp/Setup.exe

  • Reboot your Mac operating system to boot into Windows setup

An alternate method for installing Windows on Mac using UUByte

If you have successfully done with the above process and still don’t have succeeded in it, UUBYTE ISO Editor is a great source to get it done conveniently.

  • Install Windows 10 ISO from the official website of Microsoft on Mac Version of UUBytes ISO Editor.

  • Launch Boot Camp Assistant and then press Action followed by Download Windows Support Software.

  • A dialog box will appear on your home screen.

  • Just click Save and specify the location where you are going to save it.

  • Launch UUBytes program and then tap on Burn option.

  • Insert a USB flash drive and then press Burn ISO to USB drive option.

  • Select the ISO image and then tap on the Burn option.

  • Next, launch the Disk Utility app and then move forward with the Partition section.

  • Press + sign to add drive into the disk.

  • Name the derive and select MS-DOS(FAT).

  • Allocate the required space to install Windows.

  • Disconnect all USB except wired keyboard and Windows ISO files

  • Restart your PC and hold Alt key consistently.

  • Select the drive in the provided list.

  • Select the drive partition and then press Delete.

  • Select the not allocated space and then tap on New to create the Windows partition option.

  • Run the file WindowsSupport/BootCamp/Setup.exe after the booting up your PC.

  • Reboot your computer system to accomplish the changes added successfully.


If you have consistently facing Bootcamp assistant installation failed error on your Mac OS, we have summed up here the best solutions here. If you felt terminal is not suitable for you, you can further lead with the UUByte ISO Editor is an excellent solution for you.


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