Cool and funky WhatsApp group names


WhatsApp is a messenger application available as a free download on smartphones. It needs internet to send message or images or video or audio files to other users. As we all know WhatsApp has a feature to create a group with any numbers of participants in it.

Many of them break their head to keep an attractive name to their WhatsApp group. It is always cool and interesting to name a WhatsApp group uniquely. We shall now discuss a few cool and also unique WhatsApp group names under several categories.

WhatsApp group names

WhatsApp group name for family

We all love our family members. Every family has a WhatsApp group to communicate with each other. Bonding grows when we start missing a family member. Further keeping a cool WhatsApp name reminds the family members to frequently message or chat with each other. Some of the unique family names for your family WhatsApp group are down here.

  • Fantastic family

  • Rocking family

  • My own family

  • Good old times

  • Angel family

  • Devils home

  • Fantastic four

  • Mom is the best

  • Happy home

  • Love has no bound

  • The family gang

  • Family club

  • Dads den

  • My world

  • The awesome bunch

WhatsApp group name for cousins

Our cousins are one of the few people with whom we spend our childhood. Cousins share all the family secrets within them. Moreover, it is always good to think about the nostalgic days we spend with our cousins who may now be living away from each other. WhatsApp group is one of the finest ways to connect with our cousins and of course this group name should be distinct, right? Here are few suggestions.

  • Naughty warriors

  • Open books

  • Weekend runners

  • Across borders

  • Colonial cousins

  • Small world of cousins

  • People I love the most

  • Dear ones

  • My bros

  • Forever ties

  • Apparent Heirs

  • Cursing cousins

  • WhatsApp cuz?

  • Bang the band

  • Bro’s and sis’s group

  • First friends

WhatsApp group name for friends

Friends are our near and dear. We all have separate WhatsApp group for friends who studied in school or colleges or at work. Friends are the best buddies to share all are our secrets with. A funky or crazy WhatsApp group name is what makes the conversation attractive. Latest see some funny WhatsApp group names for friends and also WhatsApp group names for college friends.

  • Calm buddies

  • Food ninjas

  • Weekend scatterers

  • Worst of all

  • Spider bombers

  • Way to go buddies

  • Bold ladies

  • Don’t underestimate us

  • Gossips Paradise

  • Heart catchers

  • So Called engineers

  • The untouchables

  • Only singles

  • Friends for life

  • Amazing pals

  • Backbenchers

  • The wolf pack

  • Higher Drifters

  • Legal bachelors

  • Alpha and Omega

  • Smartness overloaded

  • Fabulous five

  • Pink jackets

  • Jumping jacks

  • Hunter house

  • 3 idiots

  • Soul mates

  • Wiki leaks, we don’t

  • Group Name does not exist

  • WhatsApp fundraiser

  • Game of phones

  • None of your business

  • Bad men got together

  • Crazy Boys

  • Friend drive

  • We are the queens

  • Chamber of secrets

  • Waste brain

  • Pink gang

  • Lord of words

  • Just Do it

  • Devils workshop

  • Enter at your own risk

  • The rowdy roosters

  • Busy buddies

  • Smile please

  • Women’s of wisdom

  • Laidback motivators

  • Hungry for shopping

  • Focus fairies

WhatsApp group name for office goers

It has become vital for us to maintain a WhatsApp group for our office friends. The WhatsApp group name can further represent the type of office work we do or the organization name etc. Here are few names to your notice

  • Professional pirates

  • Rise of the developers

  • Support  supports you

  • Best in class

  • Bloody business

  • Work hard party harder

  • White collar crew

  • Best among best

  • Mission possible

  • The elite group

  • Talk less work more

  • All box testers

  • To be entrepreneurs

Motivational WhatsApp group names

Let’s start a day with some motivation. You can add friends in your WhatsApp group who are source of your motivation. Below are few motivational WhatsApp group names that you can use

  • Always dream to conquer

  • Never give up

  • Chase your destiny

  • I can and I will

  • Tomorrow never comes

  • Get up and get going

  • Don’t lose hope

  • Be your own Hero

  • Just one line just one chance

  • We can do it

  • No one can stop us

Some more funny WhatsApp group names

Besides above categories, we can name our WhatsApp group in general too. Few suggestions are given below.

  • Don’t stare at me

  • Nonstop nonsense

  • Don’t join

  • Definitely not your business

  • Recycle bin

  • Don’t check ours create your own name

  • Partners in crime

  • No talk just WhatsApp

  • Shut up and bounce

  • No spamming

  • Walkie talkies

  • The forwarders

  • Chunky monkeys

  • Wandering minds

  • The troublemakers

  • You are fired

  • Etc etc etc

Final words

Users can very well come up with unique WhatsApp names based on the kind of people that make up the group. Hope you all like the above funny WhatsApp group names list.


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