Explain briefly about the difference between TF Card and micro SD Card


We widely use smart phones and other electronic devices like cameras, multimedia players etc nowadays. We store enormous amount of information in our phones and other devices. A memory card is a component which enables us to store data and information in our devices. While all of us are aware of these memory cards, most of us confuse between TF card and micro SD card. There are few distinctive differences between the two and we will see them in our post today.

TF Card and micro SD Card

Know what a TF card is!

People store a lot of information like songs, videos and pictures in their smart phones. It is good to have the basic knowledge about the different components that aid us in storing them. TF card was initially launched by the SanDisk Corporation in the year 2004. The full form of TF is TransFlash card and it was considered as very unique at that time. It performed as a memory storage device which was removable. Also, the small size of it was very convenient to use. It was the smallest among the external storage devices that were being used at that time.

Know what a micro SD card is!

A micro SD card also had the same origin being found by the same SanDisk Corporation. But it was a successor to the TF card. It came after the launch of the latter one and performed a few other functions as well. Apart from functioning as a memory storage device, it is also used for GPS tracking. But we can safely say there are no huge differences between the two. You can use one in the place of other without any trouble. However, TransFlash cards are used rarely nowadays.

How does a TF card vary from a micro SD card?

Now, both the cards vary very slightly with each other. Let us see how they differ from each other in the following points.


As we have seen earlier, TF card is just for memory storage. On the other hand, a micro SD card can store data as well as support SDIO mode. This makes it useful in GPS tracking devices that are handheld. Micro SD card can also aid in digital communication technologies that are used within short field like Bluetooth.


Micro SD cards are designed with an in built switch that enables them to be secure. This switch is not found in TF card. It is considered to be the major difference between the two cards. This also makes the usage of micro SD card advantageous when viewed from a security standpoint.

Storage capacity:

While SD cards can support storage capacity of about 2TB, TransFlash card can support 128 GB.

Besides these differences, both the cards do not vary much in terms of size and other things. The size specification of a TF card and a micro SD card are the same. Both of them are products of the same company. However, micro SD cards are more commonly used in various electronic devices nowadays. They are compatible with many kinds of smart phones, cameras and other such devices. So, try to pick one among them depending upon your preference while buying a memory card. Hope you enjoyed the post and have a clear understanding of both the cards now!


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