How to install Durex Build Kodi Add-on with simple steps


We would like to inform that the Durex Build is one the best and most popular Kodi add-on that provides a complete package of multiple add-ons, menus and Kodi settings changes, and new skins. With comparison to other Kodi builds or add-ons, the Durex Kodi build is much simpler and quickly set up by the users to attain the maximum benefits. It is not necessary to install any other supportive components for utilization.

The Durex Build Kodi add-on has its unique background that includes a new flashy Kodi skin which includes the Pixar Monsters image. Even the menu icons are displayed horizontally along with sub-menus listed under the appropriate categories. This Kodi add-on includes various pre-installed Kodi builds like Genesis Reborn, Reptilia, Placenta, Wraith, Yoda, and many others.

Durex Build Kodi add-on 2019 works fine on various supported and compatible devices like TV streaming devices, computer, Android mobile phones, and much more. This Kodi add-on can also be utilized in Jail-broken Fire TV and Firestick devices. Moreover, Durex Build Kodi add-on is one among the best and incredible Kodi add-on that needs to be utilized by the users.

Durex Build Kodi add-on 2019

Features of Durex Build Kodi Add-on

After successful installation of Durex Build Kodi add-on, you need to wait for a few minutes to allow the Kodi application to update its menus and add-ons to build. The time may vary depending upon the file size and internet connection speed. The Kodi application will also display the current updating process with notification on the bottom right-hand side screen corner. Durex Build Kodi add-on’s main screen will showcase some awesome and amazing pre-loaded add-ons.

A few of them are as follows The Pyramid, Not Sure, SpinzFlix, WolfPack, Oculus, Nemesis, Planet MMA, Now Music, Placenta, SubZero, Mobdina, StreamHub, Limitless IPTV, Maverick TV, Kidz Corner, Gears TV, Jukebox Hero, StreamsRUs, Neptune Rising, GoodFellas, BoB Unleashed, and much more. Within this Kodi build, it also includes its IPTV service. During the installation, you will be prompted about its Paid subscription or service.

Durex Build Kodi 2019 will provide some free options along with its Paid ITV subscription. With the above-mentioned features, then it becomes the best and most popular Kodi add-on that is available across the online platform. Overall, Durex Build contains the entire video content for the Adults, Kids, and regardless of age. This best Kodi add-on works fine on all the devices like Firestick TV and Fire TV.

Install Durex Build Kodi Add-on on your Kodi Application Krypton version v17.6

You can follow the below-provided methods on how to install the Durex Build Kodi add-on on your Kodi application Krypton version v17.6. You can also these steps to install the Kodi add-on on your Amazon Firestick, computers, laptops, Android mobile phones, etc.

Since the Durex Build is one among the best third-party Kodi add-on that should grant permission for the Unknown Sources to precede within the Kodi application. You can follow the below steps to enable the Unknown Sources on your Kodi application:

  • Access the Kodi application’s main screen and navigate to the Settings option.
  • Choose the Add-ons option from the System Settings sub-menu.
  • Within the existing page, scroll down and enabled the option named as Unknown Sources.
  • In case, if it is turned off or disabled then you move the toggle near the feature to disable or enable.
  • Now, you will be prompted with a pop-up message for your confirmation.
  • Press the Yes button to grant permission.

Now, your device is ready to install the Kodi add-on on your Kodi application.

Build installation is entirely different from a Kodi add-on installation. You can follow the three-stage process to successfully install the Kodi add-on:

  • Adding Durex Wizard’s Source to the Kodi application.
  • Use the Media Source for Durex Wizard installation.
  • Use the Durex Wizard to install the Durex Build Kodi add-on.

Let us discuss the three stages in detail.

Adding Durex Wizard’s Source to the Kodi application

This is the initial stage, where it is necessary to map the Kodi application pointing to the appropriate server location of Durex wizard. You can follow the below steps:

  • Access the Kodi application and navigate towards the Settings icon by pressing the gear or cog button that is available at the upper left-hand side screen corner on the Kodi main screen.
  • Choose the option named Add Source within the File Manager sub-menu. In case if there are numerous source available within the list then scroll down the page and select the appropriate one.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the None option.
  • Input the web URL of Durex Build Kodi Add-on 2019 under the Source URL box and press the Ok icon.
  • You can get the web URL of Durex Build Kodi Add-on 2019 from any one of the trustworthy websites.
  • Under the next textbox, provide your preferred Media Source name for your source file (for e.g. Durex Build) and click on the Ok button.

Now, you have successfully added the Media Source file and proceed with the second stage process.

Use the Media Source for Durex Wizard installation

You can follow the below steps to include the Durex Build Repo (repository) within the Media Source on Kodi application:

  • After returning to the Kodi application’s main screen, access the Add-ons section.
  • From the available list, browse and select the correct Package Installer.
  • You can process the installation by utilizing the Zip file.
  • Within the drop-down option, choose the already created Media Source file (for e.g. Durex Build).
  • There are numerous Plug-in Zip files available and select the correct one to unpack the latest version. Just a note, browse and locate the Plug-in with version 6.0 (latest one).
  • Wait for at least 5 minutes to receive a pop-up message stating that the Add-on was successfully installed within the Durex Wizard.
  • Now, we can proceed with the Durex Kodi Build installation. But before proceeding with the installation, you may prompt with various pop-up messages requesting to grant permission for file access.
  • It is advisable to just click on any of the following options Ignore, Continue, or Dismiss icon until you get rid of various notifications.

After adding the Media Source file to the Kodi application, now we can move on the Durex Kodi Build add-on installation process.

Use the Durex Wizard to install the Durex Build Kodi add-on

This is the final stage of processing the installation of Durex Build Kodi add-on by using the Durex Wizard. You can follow the below steps:

Stage 1

  • Return to the Kodi application’s main screen and choose the Add-ons category. Now, select the Program Add-ons section to view the Durex Wizard button.
  • Double-click on it and access the Durex Wizard.
  • Within the available list, choose the option named Builds.
  • Under Kodi Krypton Build section, you can choose the appropriate Kodi Durex Build. It will process the installation from any one of the available servers. In case if one server failed then the next available server will automatically switch over to continue the process without any interruptions.
  • Select any one of your preferred installation method Standard Install or Fresh Install.
  • Standard Install will install the Durex Kodi Build along with the restoration of old data however, it is not guaranteed to retrieve the entire data.
  • Fresh Install is used to remove the entire existing Kodi builds from your Kodi application and reset the same to its Factory defaults for a new Durex Build installation.

Now, we can proceed with the Fresh Installation of Kodi add-on.

Stage 2

  • While starting with the initial stage, you need to press the Continue button to reset your Kodi application’s configuration settings to Default.
  • After reset, the Kodi add-on will automatically start the download process. It may take a few minutes to download depending upon your internet connection speed.
  • After download, you can start the installation process of add-on on your Kodi application.
  • While receiving a pop-up message stating “Reload Profile”, then press the option named Force Close which helps to close the existing Kodi application.
  • Again access or re-launch the Kodi Krypton application on the system or device. You can find the Durex Build Kodi add-on on your main screen.

Upon successful installation, you can utilize the new interface of add-on on your Kodi application. You can also locate numerous other Kodi add-ons for installation with the home screen.

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