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Basketball has millions of fans worldwide. The famous sport is watched by lots of people who have fallen in love with it. It needs great strength and agility to win in a basketball game. People usually have a favorite basketball team and they even place bets during tournaments. Thousands of people gather together when a basketball tournament is going to commence. Sports enthusiasts even fly from other countries to the place where the game is going to be conducted. But for those who are not familiar about the game, doubts like how long is a basketball game arises. Even frequent viewers will be confused with that since each game differs in its timing regulations. In this post, let us see about the exact time that a basketball game will last for.

how long is a basketball game play

Know About the Popular Basketball Game!

Basketball, cricket, football are all famous among people and differ in their rules and regulations. Professional players take these games to another level by showing their skills in popular tournaments. There are many people who are crazy about these sport events and will never miss a game. Even before we can get to how long is a basketball game, let us take a peek into how the game is played. In a basketball match, there are two teams that compete with each other. The aim of a team is to put the ball through the opposite team’s hoop and prevent them from shooting through their own hoop. It is a great game which demands physical strength.

What are the Factors that Affect the Length of the Basketball Game?

Now, to answer how long is a basketball game, you should know about the deciding factors. The length of game varies depending upon what kind of game it is and what level it is played at. Apart from that the gender of the players, number of players should also be taken into account. You should also know that the clock is stopped whenever a foul is made or a substitution happens. This will increase the timing of the game. Thus the length of a basket ball game hugely differs based on all these factors. However, there are some regulations governing the time schedule of basket ball games.

How Long does a Women’s Basketball Game take?

As we have told, how long is a basketball game actually varies with the gender of the team that is supposed to play. If the game is played by women, then usually the time frame is as follows. WNBA games usually contain four quarters that last up to 10 minutes long. However, National Collegiate Athletic Association has set its time for women somewhat differently. The game is played in two halves with each half extending up to 20 minutes. But high school basketball game timing is a little shorter than those two. It has the same four quarters but each quarter lasts for 8 minutes.

What about the Length of High School Basketball game?

When a basketball game is played in the high school level, in general the time will be short. The game will be following the same four quarters often. But these quarters will last for 8 minutes only. Sometimes you can find games which are played in two halves with each quarter lasting for 20 minutes. Usually, the half time will last for 10 minutes. Thus the game in the school level will be over within one and a half hours even if other things like fouls are taken into account. Here, the overtime period will extend up to 4 minutes.

Know How Long NCAA Game would last!

Basket ball game is also played in colleges. Actually they are one of the popular sports among the college students. They are played in two halves and 20 minutes will be the length of each half. There will be a fifteen minute break between the two halves. The shot clock time will vary with men and women from 35 seconds to 30 seconds accordingly. However, these college level NCAA games have many timeouts and last a little longer than you would expect.

NBA Game- How long would it last?

If it is a NBA game for men, then there will be four quarters each extending up to 12 minutes. Thus the whole game will go on for 48 minutes. Apart from this there will be a halftime of 15 minutes during the game. Also, if the match ends up in a tie with no clear winner, then overtime is given. In this time, the match should be played for five minutes until a winner emerges. However, you should remember that the match will last a little longer since many other things like fouls come up. The clock will be stopped and only after things like fouls, time outs are cleared the match will begin. Generally the time for a NBA game varies from 2 hours to 2.5 hours and the shot clocks time is 24 seconds.

We hope we have tried to clear your doubt like how long is a basketball game. Usually FIBA games are shorter than NBA games since they take only 40 minutes. Also, they have less timeouts than the NBA games. For professional basketball games you can expect a time frame of 3 hours totally taking all the fouls and timeouts into consideration.

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