How to fix Directv error code 775 using different methods


When something goes wrong on a DirecTV’s user television screen, it generally shows an error code which helps the user to identify the issue get it resolved soon.

Directv error code 775 is one of the codes that indicate that the DirecTV receiver is having a problem in communicating with the satellite dish. This can be resulted from the hindrance of many things between the DirecTV

receiver and satellite dish. These things can include a simple loose connection or power inserter being turned off etc. Whenever any user sees Directv error code on their screen, it results in a frozen picture or no picture on the screen at all.

Fix Directv error code 775

Directv 775 causes

There can be various causes for Directv error code 775 to happen. The common reason for this error message can be a lack of power.

This is because it might be possible that your power inserted got turned off or unplugged. Additionally, it might be possible that there is some fault in the satellite dish. Technically, this issue is

known as non-alignment. It is also possible that the connection between the DirecTV 775 no swim receiver and the satellite dish might get disturbed due to climatic change or any other reason.

How do I fix DirecTV error?

The error code 775 indicates that Directv error 775 cabling problem receivers is facing some problem and thus requires a perfect method to fix the error.

There are some cases when a question come in minds of every user that how do I fix DirecTV? Now we will look at some possible methods that will help you to solve this error.

Method 1: confirm the connection

As this is one of the most common mistakes that might happen with the user hence here is the list of steps that must be followed carefully to fix the error.

  • Check the back of the DirecTV receiver
  • Check whether the cable is loosely connected by checking the satellite connection
  • Ensure the connection must be secure and correctly connected
  • Plugin again securely and turn to television to check the error

If the Directv error code 775 does not get disappear after following the above-mentioned steps also, then you can go for the second method.

Method 2: Verify your swim power inserter

If your DirecTV has a swim power inserter along with the satellite dish and receiver then ensure that it must be connected to power outlet properly. You can check this by following some steps that are given below:

  • Take off the power swim inserter from the power outlet
  • Wait for a few seconds
  • Plugin the swim power inserter back
  • Ensure that it is turned on and check for the error code

It might be possible that such error has been caused due to the change in climate in your area. If it is so then you can go for the next method mentioned below.

Method 3: wait out the storm

Sometimes any natural occurrence or climate change can also cause the problem to your Directv as it might move the connection between the receiver and the satellite. It can also be called a Directv 775 weather problem.

It is possible that you might face the error if there is heavy rain or storm outside. In this case, just wait for the rain to stop out or to settle the storm. Then you can check the Directv error 775 after moving receiver and it might get disappeared easily.

After following these methods properly there are chances that this DirecTV error code 775 will get disappear. There also exists another error code namely DirecTV error code 771 which indicates that

the receiver is having trouble in communicating with the satellite dish. As a result TV signal may be interrupted. Both Directv code 775 and 771 are similar to each other. The only difference is that error code 775

is a power problem while error code 771 needs the dish to be realigned. It can also be said that error code 771 is a part of error code 775.

The causes of this Directv error code 775 can be very nominal and hence it requires a basic solution to resolve the problem. Still, if you are getting it again and again then you can contact the customer care.


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