How to Transfer pictures from OnePlus Phones to PC


The technology has actually helped us to grow a lot wider and we are making the perfect use of it. Right from the smartphones to smartwatches, we have got it all within the technological field. So, our mobile market has released

a lot of smartphones and gadgets this year and with the latest and the upgraded version though. On the other hand, the real confusion arises when you want to share your photos and files from your smartphone to

your computer. Well, this becomes a major scenario when you want to share files and photos from your smartphones to your computer, especially when it is your one plus smartphones.

Transfer photos

For information, every phone has different function and features that would need different ways and methods of usage too. The thing is when it comes to transferring files and photos from a one plus phone to computer, people are actually going through some tough time with it. Well, here we have got some helpful tips to transfer photos from one plus smartphones to the computer.

Transfer pictures from One plus Phones to PC

So, here we have got these super tips and the best ways that will help you to transfer photos and files from your one plus smartphones to the computer without causing an issue for sure.

APower Manager

The first way or the method is the APower Manager tool that would be totally great to transfer the files and especially the photos to your computer from your one plus smartphone though. However,

this is just an application that manages the files and simply enables to manage the files that are saved within a smartphone and PC and yes you can also read and erase the files and documents from the smartphone during the transfer without any hurdles for sure. This particular tool also enables you to transfer all the information

and files from the PC to smartphone as well. So, if your one plus is not allowing you to share photos then yes, you have got this APower Manager tool that will simply help you with the same.

Syncios Mobile Manager

So, there comes another mobile manager tool that would help you to simply transfer all the photos from your one plus smartphone to PC or the computer.

It is a great managing tool which you can use to transfer apps, photos, videos, music, and even ringtones can be transferred and shared to a PC. You just have to download the app in your PC, once you have launched the PC just go and click on the Export option and then you will see that the files and data are getting transferred to your PC from the one plus phone for sure. Once you are done with the transfer just make sure that you save the files and data in the PC safe.

Backup Tool

This is another such method where you can simply transfer all the data and files from the smartphone to the PC or even you can go for vice versa option for sure. You will see the 1-Click backup tool in the mobile manager,

and you can use it to upgrade to the most recent version as well. You can also go for other methods that would be more comfortable for you to transfer the photos from the smartphone to a PC.

Choose files

Now this one could be the easiest method, well, you can use this method when you want to transfer all the photos and files from your smartphone to the PC, by simply selecting them on your smartphone.

You just have to pick the photos and transfer to the PC while it becomes very much easy for anyone to do so. Of course, you can use this method, and if it does not work then you can go for other above-mentioned ones.

Well, you can simply make use of these methods and ways, whichever suits you the most. However, you can also use simple methods such as transferring with a USB cable or with the help of Shareit or other sharing apps that are available in the market for sure.


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