Is Olpair safe or putting at risk: How to Pair?


Kodi is the most popular streaming service where we can watch almost every video clip, of course only if you have a strong internet connection. Olpair is a well-known host that has a great video bandwidth, and people even today worry about connecting it with Kodi, for safety or thinking it’s risky though. In reality, it is very much safe and it prevents the server from getting crashed or causing any type of server problems altogether.

However, there are a lot of Olpair and Kodi users, and recently the company had to block some of its users too due to increasing in demand and verification with their IP address. But, the fact is some users still don’t think Olpair is safe with Kodi. Hence, here we have got some great and valuable information about the service and of course clearing the doubts for the users out there!

Is Olpair safe or putting at risk

How to pair?

The answer is pretty much simple, that Olpair is safe as you have to pair up with the Openload when you are actually want to connect it with the Kodi device and of course you have to change the IP address when connecting with the Olpair, and hence your original IP address is absolutely safe and secure, and you don’t have to worry about it at all! Well, here we have mentioned an entire detail on how to pair up Olpair for the best streaming experience.

  • You firstly have to search for the media or the file that you are looking to watch on Kodi, and then you will find an option for click on Openload, and you just have to give access to the authorization when it pops up for permission.
  • However, you will also find pair link after you have clicked on the Openload option, and granted permission to access and to pair up.
  • Well, now the next step will be you would be seeing a captcha entry or human verification space, wherein you have to do as requested for, to verify you are not a robot.
  • Once done with the verification, you have to click on the pair up option that you will see in the right corner.
  • Well, after you have completed all of it, you will soon see the video is getting started on your Kodi service. Of course, you can pair these links up to 4 hours or equally.

Hence, Olpair, is absolutely safe as it demands none of your original IP address and you have to change it when you are actually pairing it up with the streaming device or Kodi, and it offers a smooth service for sure.


Well, connecting with Kodi with the help of Olpair is absolutely safe and there is no threat to your personal data or your device in zero ways for sure. You just have to follow the steps mentioned above for connecting with the device for a safe pair up and of course for a better video streaming performance as well.


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