How to use the privacy settings to remove share option on Facebook


Facebook is a growing social media day by day. This is the place where you get chance to share informations, photos and a lot more. At the same time here you get to connect to your friends and families. But if something wrong happens, then what will be the condition. Something like if you want to remove share option on Facebook posts then what should you do. Above all the most important thing to remember is the internet which is forever. Once you have posted some information online then you are not the real owner of it any more. Now if you have shared a photo or status update with any one, it is possible that they will screen shot it and then share it on the page. So then if you doubt, then don’t post it.

remove share option on Facebook posts  steps

Things to know for Facebook users

The most important things that the Facebook users must know are relating to the sharing of the contents which are essentially working for the users for free. It’s the users who shares the contents to their own audience that might not normally look into your posts will have the contents showing up in their new feed. This is going to help your audience spread the brand as well as gather information from people that are outside of the network. So that you can understand even how to remove share option on Facebook posts and keep your details stay just within you.

Remove the share option

Facebook has built one of the largest social networks in the world with in 1.1 billion active users per month. Well, one of the key drivers of this growth which is an ease where things can be shared. But due to certain personal issues people think to remove share option on the Facebook posts.

Sharing any content is one of the fundamental precepts of the social networks, so asking for turn off kinds would be against the core of the network that you chose to join. This misunderstanding of what the social networking has led to much embarrassment over years by popular people. So why to remove share option on Facebook posts. The reason can be anything like junk post or any kind of fraud posts which might create issues later. But one must remember that the users of Facebook are not the customers. So now the facebook has become the publicly traded company and focuses on generating revenues from activities allowing advertisers target ads based on likes, shares and comments.

How to remove it

Looking to the above issues, here comes the perfect way of how to remove share option on Facebook posts. So move on the way with;-

  • Sign in to the Facebook account.
  • Move to the account menu and select privacy settings.
  • Next go to the sharing on Facebook section and click the customize settings link provided near the bottom.
  • Move to the things others share section and edit the settings that you want to change.

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