Summertime Saga Mia and its requirements to follow


Summertime Saga Mia, the most important and one of the main character’s at school, and also the daughter of Harold & Helen.


Mia, the teen girl with dark-brown eyes and also hair. The most uncommon hairstyle of Mia’s is pink crunchie with a ponytail.  Her blue jeans and mauve-and-white-colored polo shirt will suit her discreet temperament and gentle. She used to wear pink earrings and prefer to carry textbooks in her hands.


With regard to the serious background, Mia will obey with a respectful approach and discipline to her strict mother Helen. She always scholarly achieves by complying and obeying her parent’s advice for her own good. Mia will be very attachments to her father Harold and most of the time she will worry while he disappears.

summertime saga mia requirements


Mia is the main character’s childhood friend and main love interest.  She always protected her life with the assistance of her religious mother and she has not lived as a kid with actual living. Moreover, she will respect her parents. Mia is also one of the best students and more attentive in her class. For information, Mia will always offer to god by accompanying her parents to visit Church every Sunday and Saturday mornings.

Mia is the next door girl to Erik and used to talk during the school beginning on Day 1 and studying together. It is essential to complete the French class’s first part to study and join with Mia. Your Charisma Stat will also need to be developed to finish this questline.

Requirements of Summertime Saga Mia

  • A library subscription.
  • Money at least $1,700.
  • Charisma 7 and also Strength 2.

Summertime Saga Guide – Mia

Find below the list of different parts about Mia’s Summertime Saga guide:

Part 1

Talk to Mia either in the science class in the mornings or outside her house in the afternoons and she will tell you to come to her room at night so you can study. When it’s night time if you click on her front door you’ll see a scene where you sneak in. Select the stairs and then choose Mia’s room at the end of the hall to talk to her. Choose to study and the two of you will hang out on her bed and she’ll confess she likes you. Tell her you to like her too and you’ll try to kiss her but she’s not ready for this quite yet and stops you.

Try to do this again the next night and you should get caught by Mia’s mum, Helen. If you aren’t, try going up and down the stairs a few times or coming back another night to trip the scene. If you are kicked out by Helen, then go back home and have a deep sleep. Next day, return to the science class and have a talk with Mia. She’ll explain her mum is getting worried and that maybe you can talk to her Dad, Harold, to try to get him to convince Helen to calm down.

To do this you’ll need doughnuts but Harold’s favorite kind will change each game so first, you’ll need to talk to his colleagues at the police station. Go into the main offices through the brown door and talk to Earl to get one piece of the doughnut puzzle. Then head downstairs and talk to Yumi to find out the rest before heading to the doughnut shop. You’ll need to remember both toppings and have $50 to purchase the doughnuts but once you do you can bring them back to Harold and he’ll try to get Helen to be more lenient.

Back at science class Mia will thank you for talking to her dad and ask you to come over that night to discuss something. Sneak into her room the way you originally did and Mia will tell you about how she wants you to design a Summertime Saga Mia Tattoo for her. Then head home to bed and you’ll unlock the ability to use easels at school.

Part 2

Go to the art class the next day and choose an easel to begin work on Mia’s tattoo. You need to choose the best butterfly theme and then move on to the science class for showcasing the same to Mia. She loves it and arranges to meet you at the Tattoo Parlor on Saturday during the day. Talk to Grace at the parlor and Mia will explain she is looking to get a tattoo done. Grace will say its $400 for one that size with color but Mia only has $200.

Offer to pony up the rest of the money to keep moving the Summertime Saga Mia quest forward. Both of them have to leave if once Mia gets the tattoo. Meet Mia at school in science class the following Monday and she’ll tell you she wants to show you the tattoo at her house. Sneak into her room at night and you’ll have a scene where Mia gets naked to show you the tattoo but you are once again caught by her mother who kicks you out.

While you wake up from your bed, you can see a text message stating Help from Mia on your mobile phone. Once reaching the home, they can notice various sounds from sneaky upstairs or locked room. Go inside the room with the cross and click on the statue to get the Summertime Saga Mia key before heading back into the hall. You can set Mia for free choosing any one of the available locked rooms. She’ll want you to help her get out of there but before you can Helen will catch you once again but at least this time Harold will also come in saying everything has gone too far before you are sent home.

Sleep and go to school the next day to check on Mia, and then sleep again until and you’ll find Harold out the front of Mia’s house with his things in a box. He explains he’s been kicked out before you go inside to see Mia. Mia asks you to talk to her mum so go upstairs to the room with the cross on it to do so but it won’t help. Mia will always inform that Helen is the only one who listens to the church.

You’ll ask when Helen goes to church and Mia will say weekends in the morning so wait until the next weekend so you can meet her at church. Once you’re at church select the door on the upper balcony then the door to the left on the staircase to get into the nun’s quarters. In here you can click on the green clothes to pretend to be a priest.

Come back down to the main church and enter the confessional through the right-hand side and if your charisma is high enough you can convince Helen to change her ways. Head back to return the robes and Sister Angelica will catch you and demand you help her but that will take effect a little later. Go tell Mia the good news before resting for the night.

Part 3

A few days later you should get another text from Mia telling you she can’t find her father. Head over to their house in the afternoon to get the details. From there, go check at the police office and talk to his colleagues to try to find out more information. You’ll get the bright idea to check his desk, so do so and then select the picture frame to see a photo of Harold and Helen taken up on Raven Hill. Head up to Raven Hill to find Harold up there drinking with his police car.

Tell him that Mia and Helen are both worried about him and that he should give his marriage a chance. Return to Mia and Helen at their house and tell them you found Harold and he’s ok. In a few days when you wake up, Debbie will let you know you have a visitor and to come downstairs. It’s Sister Angelica collecting her debt from you and she wants you to come by the church that night.

Do so and go up to the nun’s room where you got the preacher outfit before and Sister Angelica will ask you to convince Helen to come to the church for one of her nightly rituals. You’ll need to have enough charisma to convince Helen, so go talk to her about ‘Ritual’ until she agrees to come to the church at night. Back at the church in the nun’s room, you’ll find the Sister and Helen participating in the first portion of the ritual but you’ll be kicked out before it goes much further so head home and sleeps.

Go to the school the next available day and Mia will find you to ask you to give her Dad his old aviator sunglasses at the police office. Go there and talk to Harold and hand over the sunnies. He’ll ask you to deliver a message to his partner down in the holding cells. Go down there and click on the cell after you hear noises and you’ll see his partner and a prisoner struggling. Go back and tell Harold and convince him to come help, and then head back to the cell.

A scene will play out where Harold subdues the criminal and puts the aviators back on before you can go home to sleep. Go to Mia’s the next day and you’ll hear voices coming from Helen’s room. Select it to see Helen masturbating but she sees you watching.  Helen will ask you to buy her a sexy corset so she can be attractive to Harold again so head to Pink upstairs at the Mall and click on the clothes rack to buy the red corset for $300.

Bring it back to Helen and she will try it on and thank you. Summertime Saga Mia Dad Donut scene will showcase some interesting information to Mia. It is also essential to provide some information to Mia for purchasing the donuts from the best nearby shops. Even other characters are also very much fond of donuts.

Part 4

Soon when you wake up Debbie will let you know the Sister is here again so you’ll need to go downstairs to talk to her. She wants you to purchase a whip for Helen’s next session so go back to Pink upstairs at The Mall and buy the whip for $500. Visit the church by night and move on to the Nun’s room and view the ritual’s next step where Helen was whipped by Sister Angelica.

The next day goes talk to Helen to make sure she’s ok with what’s happening and she’ll tell you it’s what she deserves. When you go back downstairs Mia will ask you to invite her dad to a family dinner for her.

NOTE: You’ll have to have caught the robber in Mrs. Johnson’s Storyline to progress from here.

Head to the police station and to the offices and Earl will let you know that Harold will be back soon as he’s on patrol but he hasn’t solved a case in a long time. When Harold gets back to talk to him tell him about Mia’s invite but he’s worried he won’t have time while he’s trying to solve this case finding the belongings for the robber. Go to the park after talking with Harold and you’ll find a sack of belongings if you click on the tree.

Grab them and take it back to the precinct and talk to Harold. You’ll explain his hints are what helped you find the belongings so he can take the credit for the find and have time to have dinner with his family. You can take rest and Sister Angelica will again visit your home for purchasing a strap-on for you. You’re a bit worried so you go talk to Harold at the police office first to see if things are going better and if all this has been worth it. Then head to Pink once more and buy the strap-on for $500.

Part 5

Once you have the strap-on wait until night time and head to the nun’s room at the church for the final scene of Helen’s ritual. You can gain a choice from her sister to have sex with purifying Helen or even force Sister Angelica to have sex with the toys. It is possible to select the option named “Watch Sister Angelica” to conclude the scene by penetrating Helen with the sister. Go home to bed and the next day check-in on Mia’s family who is all together again in their home.

Return again to Mia’s house that night and sneak up to her room. Talk to her and choose to ‘study’ and she’ll ask if you’d like to study naked. Agree to the proposal and she’ll get naked while you sit on the bed like the last time she tried to show you the tattoo. Then you’ll both be naked on the bed studying with you positioned behind Mia.

Mia will ask you if you’d like to have sex but asks that you do anal. If you have high enough charisma you can choose the ‘just the tip’ option and convince her to have vaginal sex instead.

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