Watching Free TV Online without downloading the content


Most of the online streaming websites offer TV shows and movies to get huge popularity among the users. Those sites have emerged with a wide range of collections. Numerous websites are available across the online platform. Also, it is very tough to choose the best one. Since each site is offering various interesting features and functionalities to watch online video contents at free of cost. Now, it is much easier for users to enjoy watching free TV online without downloading the video contents.

Those websites are getting huge traffic by the users and allow them to stream or watch any video contents at free of cost without charging the customers. The most important factor to consider while creating the website is to build a wide range of collection for the user to watch free series or movies online. A website should allow the viewers with the flexibility to enjoy watching the video contents at their preferable video resolutions along with the download option.

watching free TV online without downloading it

The best website can also offer added benefit by allowing the users to stream to watch TV series, web series, and movies including the numerous Sports channels. It is essential to perform proper research and surf only the legal websites to watch your favorite video contents. The users also have to check the website’s compatibility and supported device to use as well as the website buffering speed for your reference.

You can choose the website which does not offer latency while watching the movies and also does not pop-up any advertisements during the shows. In this case, you need to refrain to those websites from your list. Depending upon the user’s convenience, numerous websites allows the users to watch TV online free streaming without any hassle.

Tips to watch online movies & TV shows through Streaming websites

It is important to know some useful tips in case if you prefer to watch the video contents through free online streaming sites. Since the Internet is comparatively very dangerous and the user should aware of any sort of aspects within it. You may face numerous problems like losing money, your computer or laptop might get affected with malware, virus, & other threats, your personal information could be hacked, and other things may happen.

However, it is more essential to know some information and users should aware about the safety and security measures while watching or streaming their favorite TV channels or movies at free of cost. You can discuss the useful tips as follows:

Never Download any Suspicious Media or Video Players

You can find multiple websites that prompt the users to download any sort of media or video player to watch the videos or TV shows. It is important to stay alert from those websites, which in-turn can flow malware, virus, or any other unwanted threats in the form of a video player to hack your computer.

It is advisable to scan the downloaded file on your system by using the Virus Checker Tool to search and locate any other security threats on the computer. Make use of the Tool, import the executable file to scan on your computer. It can easily analyze the imported file and identify whether it is clean or harmful. You can perform the media player scan to secure and safeguard your computer.

Pop-up Advertisements

Most of the advertisements are not harmful on your computer. However, those pop-up screens may also redirect the user to land on an insecure website. Which in-turn may affect your computer or web browser with a malware or virus. It is always advisable to go through the pop-up messages or notifications before downloading any contents from them.

A few websites may force your IE browser (Internet Download Manager) to automatically download the contents or files. You need to watch this specific feature on its reliability. It is much easier to watch free movies and TV shows at free of cost with some annoying advertisements too.

Aware of Legal Consequences

Most of the online streaming websites will offer the users to watch or stream any movies, live TV shows, etc at free of cost. Many online streaming websites broadcast the movies or video contents that are not legal. It may also experience some copyright violation notice.

Mobile Apps to watch free Online TV 

This is another method of watching free TV online without downloading by using the Android Apps. There are various apps available under the Google Play store to watch TV online free streaming without any charges. Even, if you do not have a Laptop or a PC but still you can enjoy watching the free online TV channels.

TV Streaming programs on Desktop

In case if you do not prefer to access the live free TV streaming websites then you can utilize by installing the desktop live TV streaming programs. These programs provide a value-added benefit that the user can be free from any unwanted malware or threats. Within the program, the live TV streaming video contents will be loaded automatically and deliver the TV experience more safe and secure.

Change Web Browsers

It is possible to get any errors or issues while watching free TV online without downloading. Sometimes, it may be an issue with the web browser. To overcome the issue, you need to utilize another web browser or update the browser to its current or latest version. The most compatible and supported web browsers are Torch, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Handling Advertisements while watching Online Streaming

It is quite common that you will receive numerous advertisements while watching the online TV streaming on your media or video player. Most of the time, it is very tough to close the advertisement and search for the Close or X button to close the advertisement.  Sometimes, you can find the X mark or Close button at the right-hand side or left-hand side or center part of the advertisement.

Even you can find below the bottom screen of your media or video player. You have to wait for a minute for the media player to load its video content. After loading the entire video content, now it is much easier to close the Advertisement and continue watching the online live TV streaming.

Best websites for watching free TV online without downloading

You can find numerous websites or apps that are available across the online platform for watching free TV online without downloading the video contents. A few of them are listed below:


Popcornflix is one among the best free online live TV streaming website. It allows the user to enjoy watching the free live TV shows legally. You can find numerous video contents published on the website under various genres like sci-fi, horror, drama, comedy, action, etc and also include 100 live TV shows. It is compatible and supported for entire devices and operating system.

You can also find a different classic section for 90’s kids to watch some childhood nostalgia like Legend of the Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario 3 Adventures, and many more. Under the Staff Picks section, you will be provided with the list of highest-rated movies and TV shows.

Features of Popcornflix

  • This App is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Without any sign-up or registration, you can enjoy watching movies and TV shows.
  • It has well-categorized sub-categories and user-friendly & clean interface.


Crackle is another best video entertaining platform which allows the users to watch numerous TV shows at free of cost. This website was owned by Sony Corporation and you can easily trust its reliability and quality. You can find a wide range of famous TV series collection. Yes, such as The Shield, Firefly, Seinfeld and even the anime shows. The video contents are well-categorized and utilize the search option for browsing their favorite contents.

Users are not limited to watch TV videos. And, they can enjoy watching unlimited video contents through iOS and Android mobile apps. It is also possible to stream the live TV episodes on numerous devices such as Smart TVs and Android TVs. For sure, you can watch online live TV shows that are 100% legal and may not be ad-free video content.

Features of Crackle

  • You can download the free Mobile App from the Google Play Store or any one of the trustworthy websites.
  • It is allowed to stream the video contents on any devices (including mobile devices and computer or laptop).
  • It includes numerous full-length movies, web series, and TV shows.

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