What is spookik apk and its Features in 2020


Messaging apps have become extremely popular in today’s youth. Spookik apk is an alternate to SMS text message system prevailing by default in all the smartphone. Secondly it acts as a modded version to real kik messenger. This apk helps in communicating with the other users very easily. We are now here to detail the features offered by this spookik apk along with its installation steps.

User anonymity

Spookik uses profiles of the user and their user names to get in touch with other users. This helps in retaining anonymity by not exposing the contact numbers to strangers. Further to let other users know their user names, new users may share their user name or profile through social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.

User notification

Users are notified when they send or receive messages. The sent message can be checked for its delivery status. The status includes knowing if the message was sent to recipients, delivered to them and if it was read by them.


The notification sounds can be customized. The user can opt to select the type of sound that need to be played when they receive any notification. Moreover, the users can customize many details like image of the profile, contact information etc. Additionally, customization can be achieved in many fields like choosing the chat bubble while chatting with friends, opting to remain hidden from being searched by other users using contact number etc.

Chat options

Further user can perform one on one chat with a user or chat in groups.

Bot chat

Additionally chatting with a bot is made possible. Users can normally chat with them, receive updated news, get advice, obtain fashion tips or even make your bot to play with you. Furthermore, the user can bring the bot to their group chat and can even play games with your other users in the same group.

User registration

There are provisions for the user to get registered in the apk by using phone number or email id. When the user registers them using either phone number or email which other user has saved in their phones, the other user is notified about your coming to the messenger newly. Both the users are notified about each other’s presence in the spookik apk.

Live chat typing

Users can lively see what the other user whom they chatting are typing. This helps to know the message flow or the mentality of other users.

Unique Code

Each user is provided with a separate spookik code available in the settings. Users can also be added using the code. To add another user using the code, user need to tap on the search icon, click Find people and further click on Analyze Property Code option.

Media file attachments

There are provisions to send photos, videos, sketches, emoticons, gifs etc in this apk.

User interface

Spookik apk for android provides an interactive easier user interface which helps users easily communicate with other users.

Promoted chat

An interesting feature available in this apk is promoted chat. The users can see a set of interesting chats in which they can take part. Click on search button to add new people to find Promoted chat being popped out. Numerous chats will be displayed with common interest or with any general topic.


Users can browse many contents by using spookik browser which is present as a little globe icon below the chat window.

Issue reporting

This apk further allows users to report any concern to their support team by choosing options like I do not want to talk to them or the user is abusive etc. Further options are provided to include chat history. Options are prevailing to even block any user in case of any issue.


With the advancement in technology and need to enjoy variations in the applications used, many modified version of the app comes out in the market. The spookik apk serves the purpose as a good messenger with lots of features to be enjoyed by the user.


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